The Best Harness for Basset Hound Reviews

best harness for Basset Hound

Has your dog been pulling the leash too hard on you that you once got embarrassed on the streets because passers-by could not understand how a 60-pound Basset Hound could overpower a full grown human being? well, I have also had such an experience and I know it can be embarrassing for you and dangerous for the dog.

We all also know that your dog never wanted to embarrass you, break your legs or pull off your arms- anyway, that’s where the most relaxing belly rubs come from.

Its time you realized that hounds are natural born athletes and with so much excitement around them; it is almost impossible for our “slothish” pace to match their enthusiasm and energy. However, there is a solution to that. Using an anti-pull harness should make it possible to control the dog effortlessly.

As a volunteer dog expert in a shelter, I once got the chance to walk a hound without a leash only to dread the whole experience after he threatened to drag me embarrassingly across the street. This was purely under natural instincts since most dogs don’t even know they are supposed to be walked.

To avoid such embarrassments or injuries to your dog, I have scoured and mined the internet looking for the best harness for Basset Hounds.

Check them out!

#1. Ruffwear – Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

Ruffwear Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip


The Ruffwear front range harness lives up to its name. It is an ideal harness for dog owners who find thrill in walking their dogs in populated areas such as town centers shopping centers and streets. Its most prominent feature is an ergonomic design, purposely customized to provide comfort to your pet even when applying a significant amount of pressure.

It is perfect for ensuring total control of your dog while at the same time not worrying that it could get into harm’s way.

The Ruffwear is synonymous with safety resilience and comfort. One of the few harnesses that your dog will find comfortable to wear the whole day regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It comes in all sizes, ranging from XXS – XL. such a variety ensure that there is a fit for every dog no matter how small or big it is.

For extra comfort, the Ruffwear is designed with 4 points where adjustments can be made. This guarantees you full control of the dog regardless of its location. The harness also features padded belly and chest panels. This promotes load dispersion a plus for stability and comfort. For an exquisite experience, this harness also comes with an aluminum V-ring which is protected by the webbing on the neck of the harness.

The harness is available in 8 different colors. This comes as a reprieve for fashionistas and also some of us who can’t choose another color but our favorite. There is also an ID pocket where you can store identification documents for your dog. An ideal feature for the forgetful.

#2. Front Range Dog Harness

Front Range Dog Harness - No Pull Chest Harness with Reflective Vest Comfortable Safty Handle Two Leash Attachments Black L


The front range dog harness is compact and simple enough to handle effortlessly. It’s also one of the easiest harnesses to put on a dog boasting of two leash attachments and V-ring on its back for additional control and support.

It is ergonomically designed with two strong buckles for safety, easy to use and comfortable for your dog. In fact, it will only take you three steps to dress up your dog making it one of the easiest harnesses to use. In case your dog pulls hard; the harness distributes the pressure on the dog’s chest reduces the chances of choking.

The harness is also equipped with several safety features. It comes with reflective straps which makes the dog visible at night reducing the chances of being run over by traffic, a strong leash attachment is also part of the safety features. This ensures that the dog cannot break it no matter how strongly he tries.

The Ruffwear also features two locations where a leash can be attached to the front and back. It is available in 3 different sizes. This ensures that most dogs including your will get a fit.

#3. No-Pull NoChoke Front-Leading Harnesses

No-Choke No-Pull Front-Leading Dog Harnesses, Original Edition, 18-35 lbs, Black Night


The No Choke No pull harness performs up to its name. it is a front lead harness which offers you more control over your dog. This harness eliminates the probability of walking your pet from its neck ensuring its heart and chest safety.

It doesn’t come with bulky sliders, sharp sawn areas or heavy rings that could scratch your dog and cause injuries.

It is designed with the resilience and strength of high-quality polypropylene. The webbing is also light and comfortable enough your dog. Three meters of reflective Scotchlite materials ensures that your pup can be seen up to 1000 feet from the headlights of an oncoming car.

It is available is seven adjustable sizes which can fit dogs weighing between 5 and 250 pounds. When it comes to colors, the harness doesn’t disappoint. It is available in all the 8 colors of the rainbow.

#4. IPuppyone Adjustable Dog Soft Harness “Air Flex Breathy

IPuppyone Adjustable Dog Soft Harness


The puppy one harness is compact and simple with a very basic design which has been maximized for comfort. It will come in handy if you are looking for something to control your dog.

It is ergonomically designed with two strong buckles for safety, easy to use and comfortable for your dog. In fact, it will only take you three steps to dress up your dog making it one of the easiest harnesses to use. In case your dog pulls hard; the harness distributes the pressure on the dog’s chest reduces the chances of choking.

Its harness can be resized on the neck and chest making it comfy for your pup. It is also designed to snap on and off easily making it easy to dress and undress.

How to Choose the Best Harness for Basset Hounds

As you have seen, there are different designs of harnesses. However, not every harness will be an ideal fit for every dog out there. There are factors you need to take into consideration before settling on a certain hardness.

The size of your dog is perhaps the primary factor that should be taken into consideration. There are harnesses meant for small, medium and big dogs. Be sure buy the right design for your dog.

The material used in the manufacture should also be taken into consideration. Comfortability of a harness depends on what it is made of. Some materials are more comfortable than others. You will also find harnesses with padded bottoms for extra comfort.

The mobility of your dog should also be paramount. Ensure that your dog moves normally after dressing it with a harness for the first time. There are dogs that will find one type of harnesses uncomfortable.


In all respect, the Ruffwear harness tops in terms of utility in this list. It is comfortable, comes with 4 adjustment points – a feature strange to other products in this category. It is also available in all sizes xxs to xl. this implies that every dog gets its share. Its padded bottom and chest area adds for more comfort. It is the ideal by no doubts the best harness for basset hounds.

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