The Beagles and the Best Dog Harness for Them

Best Harness for Beagles

Dogs are indeed men’s best friends precisely because you can ask them to walk with you anytime. Beagles are exciting dog breeds to be in company with. They are small and compact breeds and are extra active and you could expect them to be really fun loving. Because of these, you might be needing a dog harness real soon if you have beagles for pets.

There are three main reasons why you will need a dog harness if you have Beagles. First, beagles are scent hounds. This means that whenever they catch an interesting scent, they will follow it around until they find where it is coming from. Because of this genetic make-up, as have been mentioned, beagles are a bit hyperactive and thus, may need to be restrained for their safety.

This leads to the second reason why you need a harness. Third, they need to be walked around regularly for cardio exercise and they might have a tendency to be stubborn so you will need a harness to train them.

Why Dog Harness?

According to Safehound, there are various safety items that must be procured before deciding to have a beagle for a pet and one of them is a dog harness. This item is said to be very useful especially with active dogs that tend to pull when on their leashes. The most important benefit of a dog harness is to alleviate neck strain associated with using a dog collar.

It is also very important to be knowledgeable with the various sizes, designs and types of dog harnesses available on the market. Some dog harness are especially designed to limit a dog’s pull or active movement making the dog harness an essential in dog training.

If you are thinking about buying one, here are some of the best dog harnesses for beagles that we could recommend.

Best Harness for Beagles

#1 . Expawlorer Front Range No Pull Harness

Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness. 3M Reflective Outdoor Adventure Pet Vest with Handle. 3 Stylish Colors and 5 Sizes. Size:Large


Beagles are chasers and as such, they are also pullers. This dog harness features style and durability with its scratch resistant outer layer made of Oxford material and a lightweight buckle with heavy load capability. It also offers a comfortable easy strap- easy pull off design with a chest girth of 17-22 inches.

Other outstanding features of this dog harness include a 3m reflective material which makes it visible at night, lightweight sponge padding with Mesh lining in the chest and belly area and a sturdy handle for a hassle-free seatbelt attachment when traveling.

These features ensure three important things. First, the front range harness eliminates potential neck, windpipe and spine injuries by avoiding neck pressure. Second, the sturdy handle and sponge padding secures your beagle during long travels. Third, it is the perfect fit for small and medium sized dogs like your beagle because the pressure from the harness can be evenly distributed in your beagle’s body. For more valuable information, you can check Amazon or this video link,

#2. EzyDog Quick Fit/Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness


This quick fit adjustable harness prods on its simple one-click fit system. This technology allows you to get the right fit for your beagle without manually adjusting it from time to time. It also has a Neoprene padded chest sleeve offering a waterproof cover and an adjustable chest strap for a more comfortable travel and long walks. It also has a reflective strap stitching for nighttime visibility and a quick-clip buckle system for a free motion run.

The advantage of this dog harness is that it saves you time in putting the harness on since you can just easily slip the harness over the beagle’s head and adjust its fit. You may select the size basing on your dog’s chest girth. For more valuable insights, you can check Rover, Amazon and My Dog Can.

#3. BarkOutfitters Real Service Dog Vest Harness

Real Service Dog Vest Harness + 50 FREE ADA Info Cards Kit


Service dogs are ultimate pullers because they are trained that way and so can your beagles be given that they are known for being active. This harness might be the best fit for your hyperactive beagle because it comes with removable Neoprene chest plate, a reflective chest strap and trim. It also features a removable, reflective and interchangeable Velcro vest.
This dog harness is made of breathable and durable fabric which allows for an easy dry for water activities. For first time beagle and service dog owners, it also comes with more than 50 ADA information cards which are informative in explaining your owner rights and legal penalties regarding violations in service dog access laws. Check Amazon and this video link

for more useful information.

Chai’s Choice Front Range Dog Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness
EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

This front range dog harness can fit 27-32 inches chest girth with a lightweight duraflex buckle as supported by its durable and scratch resistant outer layer made of Oxford material. Like the first one, it also features soft sponge chest and belly padding with Mesh lining, a 3M reflective strap and sturdy handles for looping in the seatbelts.

It uniquely features a Truelove Buckle system; a push then pull strap with two leash attachment points. D and O zinc alloy rings are used for the back strap and front strap, respectively. For further knowledge regarding this model, you may check The Dog Effect and Top Dog Tips.

Key Reminders

When buying a dog harness for beagles, it is important that you bring them along to see the perfect fit. Harnesses will not help you with your beagles if they cannot restrain them from walking comfortably. Soon enough, they might start to how because of discomfort. Most dog harness are adjustable so that you can use it in the whole life course of your beagle.

One final reminder: never mistaken the dog harness as a replacement for dog collar with name tags. For security purposes, it is imperative that the dog collar is put on especially when taking your beagle for a walk. For more safety information, you may want to check Hub Pages, Beagle Pro and Amazon or this video link,

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