The Best Clippers for Havanese Reviews

best clippers for Havanese

Hello, fellow dog lover! I understand the predicament you might have found yourself in. Your Havanese needs a cut but you’ve no idea where to begin! Possibly, you’ve been shying away from getting a pair of dog hair clippers just because you don’t want to be put on the spot. Well, I have also been there but the most incredible thing is that you’ve finally overcome the fear and you are looking forward to becoming a dog groomer. By the way that’s awesome!

Maybe, you have enrolled for dog grooming lessons or you have been spending time on YouTube watching videos on how it should be done and you feel it is time to put what you’ve learned into practice. Well, it isn’t a bad thing; in fact, you’ve taken the right direction as a pet owner.

However, don’t forget the golden rule… Whether you are looking forward to becoming an amateur or a professional dog groomer, a pair of quality dog clippers is the key to positive results. Sure, a good cut depends largely on the machine you’ve got on hand.

I have been a professional dog groomer for over 3 years so far. Therefore, it is safe for me to claim that I got my way around clippers. Anyway, I have tried different models over this period and I know what each has to offer. My advice is, don’t just go for anything or you will finally regret it.

So, which are some of the best clippers for Havanese dog breeds? Well, this article is meant to answer that question. I have made an impartial and credible review on some of the best clippers for havanese dogs to help you make an informed decision. After all, I care a lot about your adorable furry friend. Without wasting any more time, let’s delve in.

Top 4 Best Clippers for Havanese

#1 – PepPet Professional Lithium Ion Electric Pet Clipper with LCD Screen CP-9600

PepPet Professional Lithium Ion Electric Pet Clipper with LCD Screen CP-9600


PepPet clippers are an icon of flexibility, power, and sharpness in the world of dog clippers. Perfect for a dog owner looking for some degree of control on how and where they can groom their dog. They are designed to be rechargeable which automatically makes them cordless offering more maneuverability.

This flexibility makes it easy to reach all parts of your pet easily. They are quiet and easy to handle even for armatures who have never had a grooming experience before.

They boast a multi-functional design. This implies that they can handle both dogs with thin and thick fur. A two-speed setting adds more to this feature. You have the liberty to switch between 3,200 RPM and 4,200 RPM depending on your own needs. Its 35W motor is quiet, easy to maintain and can be supported on power sources with 120V/60HZ. The motor is protected by a strong PVC cover which also features an inbuilt cooling system to prevent overheating.

The Clippers also come with detachable stainless-steel blades which can be removed for cleaning. These blades can also be upgraded with precision 10-inch blades for a better cut.

Its reachable Li-ion battery is overcharge protected, a feature that prevents the battery from overcharging even when left plugged for many hours. This increases the battery life considerably. LCD lights act as the user interface between you and the machine. The lights will tell you when the Clippers are charged and constantly update you on the charging system.

#2 – DAISEN Cordless Dog Clipper

DAISEN Cordless Dog Clipper,Rechargeable Grooming Clipper and Trimmer for Pet Dog And Cat(Sliver)


The DAISEN can arguably be christened the emissary of tech when it comes to dog clippers. Its rechargeable battery is as powerful as it can get; packing a whole 2000mA perfect for continuous grooming until you get satisfied with the results.

The fact that it comes with an internal reachable battery means it is wireless offering high degrees of maneuverability and flexibility. As the true icon of tech in its class, it boats 5 adjustable functions for its comb. A feature alien to many dog clippers.

It is designed with a ceramic flexible blade and a fixed stainless blade a feature that makes it an excellent shaving machine. These blades are also detachable which makes cleaning easy.

The DAISEN is also a multi-functional piece of art. It comes with four guide combs which are easy to use, safe, comfortable and perfect for contour following. These adjustable combs also make it easy to clip hair at different lengths. You will never be short of grooming ideas with this dog clipper.

#3 – Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen-X

Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Animal Clipper with #10 Blade 078005-314-003


Though it does not pack as much power and tech as the previous clippers, the Oster O5 is a force to be reckoned with. It is synonymous with resilience, durability, and versatility. perfect for dog owners looking for something simple and compact but powerful.

It comes equipped with two powerful rotatory motors and a 2-speed functionality. You have the liberty to choose between 3000 RPMs or 4000 RPMs. The choice here strongly depends on the type of dog you are grooming and also your desired results.

The A5 is also compatible with any CryogenX blades. A feature that makes it a master of flexibility.

The blades are designed to be detachable, a feature synonymous with versatility and the ease of cleaning. The clips are durable, unbreakable and resilient. Perfect for gliding through thick and coarse hair. It can be used on both thick and thin coats.

#4 – Oneisall rechargeable cordless electric quiet hair clippers set for dog cat

Dog Shaver Cllippers Low noise Oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Electric Queit Hair Clippers Set for Dog Cat


Oneisall boasts as one of the quietest and most technologically advanced dog clippers. It comes with several features and capabilities that distinguish it from the rest. Its four adjustable combs are perhaps the most outstanding feature of this dog clipper. The combs allow groomers to clip their dog’s fur at different lengths. Call it an embodiment of versatility and flexibility.

It also comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery which can last long enough for a good shave. the design features two types of blades. A flexible ceramic blade and a fixed stainless blade which works together to produce a fine cut. They can also be detached for cleaning. They are also sharp and safe.

The motor produces low vibrations to avoid scaring the pet for a smooth and quick grooming session. If your dog has a very thick coat of fur, it is advisable to first trim it using scissors to prevent the clippers from jamming while you are in a session.

How to Choose the Best Clippers for Havanese

If you are a first-time buyer, you might find it hard to choose the best clippers for havanese. However, I am still around to advise you on what you should levitate towards when time to call the shots come. First and foremost, all dogs are unique with different types of coats.

Again, your personal preferences will also play a critical role in making the decision. All in all, there are four things you need to take into consideration.

Cost is perhaps the strongest determinant, even if you are on a budget, don’t compromise on quality.

The coat of your dog will also influence your decision. Some clippers will do well on a thick coat while others will perform on a thin coat.

Don’t forget to go for a clipper with as many accessories as there are available. The more the accessories a clipper has, the more the functions it can perform.


Having taken all these factors into consideration, the DAISEN beats them all for several reasons. First and foremost, it is equipped with the strongest and most resilient battery. With a capacity of 2000 mAh, it emerges as the strongest. It also comes with 5 functionalities while other clippers in its class have only four.

It is also a multi-functional tool which can handle both thick and thin coats. A perfect clipper for not only your dog but also other pets with fur. All in all, the DAISEN owns its own rights as the most worthy candidate for the first position in this review.

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