The Best Brushes for Maltipoo Breeds Reviews

best brush for Maltipoo breeds

When the skin and coat of your dog is healthy, a good brushing can only be compared to a sensual and relaxing massage. Truth be told, whenever a dog with a healthy coat sees its owner with a grooming brush, chances are that it runs to meet him.

This happens not only because it is a chance to feel great but also because it is its favorite time to bond with its owner. Apart from making your pet look cute and smart, brushing your dog is also a golden opportunity for the two of you to bond.

We should also not forget that dogs like looking and feeling good too. A sparkling coat is a healthy coat, and a healthy coat is definitely a comfortable coat. The key to a healthy coat is a good brush. For this reason, I have made a comprehensive review on some of the best brush for Maltipoo to help you make an informed decision.

#1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


The Hertzko is an ideal grooming tool if you are out for a brush that can handle dogs and cats with long and short hair. its design allows it work perfectly for dogs with either a single or double coat. It comes with soft and fine slicker bristles made of steel. These bristles are durable and come in handy when it comes to getting rid of stubborn mats, tangles, and knots.

The bristles are also soft enough to remove dead skin for a healthy and well-aerated dog skin. The brush also features a button which retracts or releases bristles ensuring their durability since they will only be exposed when you working with the brush. The Hertzko also packs several features that distinguish it from the rest.

It is also a multi-functional brush with the capacity to handle both cats and dogs. It doesn’t matter whether your dog has a long or a short coat, the Hertzko is designed to effectively groom the two. If you also adore cats, there is no need to purchase an additional cat brush since the Hertzko will also take care of its grooming needs.

The ergonomic design of this brush allows you to groom your pet without hutting it. The bristles are designed to be gentle but effective when it comes to dealing with knots, tangles trapped dirt, dander, and mats. These bristles will also perform a good grooming job on your pet’s undercoat without causing scribbles or scratches.

The brush is also comfortable since it comes with an anti-slip handle which offers a comfortable grip preventing the possibility of writs and hand strain regardless of the amount of time you spend grooming your dog

#2. Chris Christensen 000 Fine/Coarse Buttercomb

Chris Christensen 000 Fine/Coarse Buttercomb


The Buttercomb is a simple brush but handcrafted to its finest detail. It isn’t less of what its name states. It is designed with a rounded top and a flat spine which gives it the aerodynamics to glide through fur seamlessly. It is an ideal brush if you are looking for a simple brush with exceptional results. This brush is Ideal for both long and short coated dogs.

It comes with stainless teeth which are solidly attached to a brass core; a feature that gives it strength, durability, and resilience while not compromising on comfort. The design of this brush is simply ergonomic, it is built to be smooth and seamless so as not to trap hair in the process of grooming.

An anti-slip handle gives groomers the chance to groom their pets without interruptions of the brush slipping off from the hands. The handle is also comfortable which makes it possible for it to be held for long periods of time without tiring the hands. A nickel- chrome finish makes the comb beautiful while also cutting of static electricity which can cause discomfort to you and your pet.

#3. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 20mm

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 20mm



If you are out for a brush that is simple, easy to use and handy, the Chris Christensen is a perfect match you for you. The brush is made in Germany and comes with a simple but compact design. Though it doesn’t feature a lot, it will not disappoint you if you have a short coated Maltipoo.

It comes with polished and ground bristle tips which are smooth enough to guarantee an uninterrupted grooming session with your furry friend. These bristles are also made of stainless steel. this implies that they are durable and easy to clean.

The body is 100 percent crafted from beech wood which makes the brush feather-light for easy handling. The handle is designed to rugged a feature that makes the brush easy to grip without slipping.

The entire brush is highly durable considering that it is crafted from beech wood and fitted with stainless steel bristles. The body is 8.5 inches which makes it easy to handle even for long grooming sessions.

How to Choose the Best Brush for Maltipoo

As you have seen from the above review, some of the brushes come with soft bristles while others come with rough ones. There are also brushes designed for dogs with short coats while others are designed for dogs with long coats. The point I am trying to make is that buying any brush will not guarantee you desired results.

If you own a dog with a long coat, ensure that you have selected a brush designed for that type or else you will have yourself to blame. Though there are brushes designed to work for both coats, buying a dedicated brush might be more helpful than getting a multipurpose one.

Brushes with soft bristles are the best for any dog. Soft implies that you can groom your dog without fearing that the brush might injure the dog or cause discomfort during the grooming process. It is hard to groom a dog that is uncomfortable, therefore make sure that the brush you are intending to buy comes with soft bristles.


The Hertzko self-cleaning brush is a worthy contender for the top position on this list for several reasons. First and foremost, it is a self-cleaning brush which implies that it can get rid of the hair and dirt it accumulates during the grooming process at the push of a button. This feature makes it efficient since you do not have to stop and clean the brush.

The brush is also designed with the capability to release and retract its bristles. This feature aids in ensuring that the bristles are safe when not in use. This makes the bristles durable when compared to other brushes. The bristles are also soft enough to groom the undercoat of your pet without causing injuries or discomfort which guarantees groomers a smooth and uninterrupted grooming session.

All in all, the Hertzko Self-cleaning brush packs enough features to emerge as the winner of our list of the best brush for Maltipoo.

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