Can Dogs Eat Puff Pastry?

The most important thing about owning a dog is being aware of what you can and cannot feed him. A lot of times you will be tempted to give your dog a treat from what you have on the dinner table. If puff pastry is what you have, can dogs eat puff pastry?

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A little reward of people food for your dog may or may not harm your dog. It all depends on what food it is and what it contains. Many people food are safe for dogs to eat. There are also some people food that can bring some problems to your dog.

What is Puff Pastry?

Puff pastry is a flaky, light and delicate pastry you can use in a variety of ways. A puff pastry just like a biscuit, Danish and pie crust is meant to be buttery and tender. It is meant to also be always cold.

Puff pastry is dough that contains numerous layers of pastry dough and butter. Butter is locked between hundreds of very thin layers of dough. When in the oven liquid in the dough and butter evaporate causing it to puff up into a crispy and light pastry. Croissants and puff pastry are two of the best laminated dough.

It is not difficult to make puff pastry but it requires a lot of time and patience thus store versions which are as tasty as the homemade ones are more popular. Store bought puff pastry come frozen.

There are a lot of recipes you can make from these thin sheets of puff pastry. You can fill puff pastry with jam, sausages, beef, chicken, cheese, strawberries, asparagus, broccoli, ham, tomatoes, eggs, apple, banana, pears, raspberry, chocolates and almost anything you fancy.

Feeding Dogs Puff Pastry

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Can Dogs Eat Puff Pastry?

Should your dog accidentally eat a sheet of puff pastry, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Puff pastry is just butter and flour and the dough does not contain yeast. What is dangerous for dogs is raw dough with yeast.

Yeast cells produce alcohol as they ferment which can make the blood alcohol level of your dog to rise. High blood alcohol level can cause alcohol poisoning and even death. The dough with yeast will also expand in your dog’s tummy and will cause him to bloat and have difficulty breathing.

When your dog eats puff pastry, he will probably just have a tummy ache but that should not be a serious issue. Once he gets to poop, he will be just fine. However if your dog eats puff pastry with fillings there some cause for worry especially when the fillings are not safe for your dog to eat.

Puff pastry filled with chocolates, raisins, grapes, nuts sweet fillings and other human food can be toxic to dogs. When you have such puff pastries it is best that you keep them out of reach of your dog.

There are some food that are safe for humans but can be toxic for your dog. To prevent your dog from getting poisoned, make it a habit to feed your dog, as much as possible, only dog food.

Can dogs eat puff pastry? Of course they can but just a sheet of puff pastry without any fillings. If by any circumstance your dog ate something he should not have eaten, take him to your vet at once to prevent any food poisoning.

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