Can Dogs Eat Pop Tarts?


Pop tarts were launched in 1964 by Kellogg Company and all of a sudden, they took over the market with storm. They wanted to launch a product which fulfilled all the body requirements in case a person was hungry and at the same time this product would be a fast food. They prepared pre-baked pastries which were filled with sugary material and the result was a delicious product which was named as POP TART.

As time passed new flavors were developed in this product which presently has ranged to twenty-seven different flavors like Red Velvet, Confetti cup cake, Chocolate chip cookie dough, just to name a few. Now we know that in today’s modern world people are almost addicted to keeping pets and they feed their pets with everything that they have in food and snacks ignoring the health loss that may occur to their pet. This case normally is common in pet dogs and here the question arises “Can dogs eat Pop Tarts?

Review of Pop Tarts for dogs:

Well dogs are commonly kept as pets for two purposes. Either they are playful or they are kept as watch dogs. In either case the dog has to be very active and strong, both metabolically and physically. For that very purpose very exercises and foods are recommended for dogs. A dog becomes lazy and inactive if it is over fed and becomes aggressive if it is under fed. Feeding a dog with junk like pop tarts can be both harmful for the dog if taken in access by the dog.

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For instance, if a dog consumes a pop tart accidentally, which contains chocolate, the only thing that is damaging for the dog is caffeine which is excessively present in chocolate. Here I would also like to add that if a dog eats a full box of Pop tarts, it may even develop disease like diabetes but that doesn’t mean that the dog cannot even go near the Pop tart, in fact if the dog eats it once in a while there is nothing to worry about but you must be careful not to feed the dog with Pop tarts in regular routing.

So, one has to take it as a regular diet of one self and avoid feeding it to dogs though initially they were derived from dog food. It is also important to know that dog is after all an animal and diet that is taken by dog and human may have different effects on both.

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Purchasing Pop Tarts

One can easily purchase for himself or family consumption from This is a family pack which contains almost about all the flavors available in the market. They may be baked or taken frosted, in either case they can be enjoyed to the max.

Can dogs eat pop tarts?

Well as explained earlier, this cannot be taken by a dog as a regular diet and there are some tastes in it which are not beneficial and may be harmful.

If dogs eat Pop tart accidentally, is there something to worry about

Not really if the amount consumed is less, however, in case of large amount consumed the dog may experience diarrhea or vomiting.

What if my dog consumes a large amount of Pop tart

Well it may vary from dog to dog and the strength of its metabolism. If the dog has week metabolism it may land in to diabetes, however if the dog is a strong one and very athletic it may burn the sugar into energy


No, matter that people in the love of their pet dog feed them whatever they like the most but one must always remember that dog is an animal and what may give benefit to human may provide harm to pet dog. Therefore, I do not recommend it for the consumption of a dog but may be beneficial and enjoyable for people.

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