Can Dogs Eat Prawn Crackers

Dogs by nature love to eat. Humans and dogs digest food differently making some foods that are safe for humans, toxic for dogs. Many human foods on the other hand are safe for dogs when given not too often as a treat. Can dogs eat prawn crackers?

Prawn crackers, shrimp puffs or prawn chips are crackers made from starch and prawn flavoring. They are deep fried to achieve a crunchy snack often eaten before indulging in Chinese food.

Pieces of raw prawn crackers are thrown to a pot with boiling cooking oil. The plastic looking crackers will then burst and turn into crispy prawn crackers.

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Tapioca starch coming from roots of the cassava plant is the main ingredient of takeaway prawn crackers. It is what gives this favorite Chinese snack its taste, flavor and unique texture. Prawn crackers are deep fried in oil.

Tapioca starch is used in prawn crackers because it is a high-starch product with a starch content of about 96%. Starch absorbs moisture well which is important in making great prawn crackers.

In summary, prawn crackers contain a little bit prawns, a little bit of salt and sugar and mostly tapioca starch. Some prawn crackers may also have egg or milk.

Dogs and Prawn Crackers

Are prawn crackers safe for dogs?
Can my dog eat prawn crackers?

As much as you like snacks, your dog likes snacks, too. You will never be able to resist his puppy-dog-eyes when you are indulging in your favorite snack. Unfortunately not all snacks may be good for your dog.

To avoid your dog having a sick tummy and a possible emergency visit to the vet be extra careful in sharing snacks or any human food with your dog.

Most grain-free dog foods contain tapioca starch, the main ingredient in prawn crackers. It is the source of carbohydrates. It is lacking in nutrients except for the starch content. Tapioca starch in dog food is considered as low-grade filler.

Since tapioca starch is in many dog foods, prawn crackers, which is mostly tapioca starch is safe for your dogs to eat. Of course, you would not want to feed your dog a whole bag of prawn crackers or offer this snack often. This crispy snack is not going to cause any harm to your dog. A little bit and once in a while will be just fine.

Take note however that if your dog’s regular diet is already high in salts and sugar, it would be best not to offer him prawn crackers.

Some human foods are safe for dogs and there are also some that are harmful and even deadly. If you are offering your dog prawn crackers for the first time, give him just a tiny piece. Monitor him for any allergic reactions or any adverse effects.

Even if prawn crackers are deemed safe for dogs, as a rule, offer this Chinese snack to him only in moderation. This will prevent him from gaining so much weight and also prevent any negative effects on his digestive system.

Dogs react differently to certain human foods. A neighbor’s dog may be able to tolerate prawn crackers but it does not mean that your dog will also be able to tolerate this snack.

Can dogs eat prawn crackers? Of course they can but only in moderation and not too often.

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