Ultimate Guide How to Choose the Best Collar for Pitbull

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Pitbull Terrier

During the 19th century, pit bulls were referred to as pit bulldogs. Some of them were used in dog fights while many of them lived as family pets and farm dogs.

Today, when you say “pit bull”, you are not referring to a specific type of dog breed but a “type” of dog breed which include these pedigree breeds:

Regardless of the type of pit bull, dog lovers are one in saying that pit bulls are loving dogs. For those who understand pit bulls’ personality and behavior say they are great companions, too.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of the pit bull shows their power, strength and passion.

  • Height and weight are of the right proportion.
  • Head shape resembles a large brick.
  • Powerful jaws.
  • Ferocious and scissor-y bite.
  • Muscular neck and body.
  • Ears curl forward and down.
  • Thin and somewhat pointy tails.
  • Shiny, short and thick hair.
  • Red nosed pit bulls have red and brown coat colors.

Pit bulls some with a variety of markings and colors including black and white with red, gray, copper color variations all over their faces and bodies.


Pit bulls are affectionate and always like to please their owners. They are

  • Playfull.
  • Witty.
  • Gentle especially with children.
  • Courageous buddies.
  • Strong.
  • Brave.
  • Loyal.
  • Tenacious.
  • Affectionate.
  • Hard working.
  • Intelligent guard dogs.

The pit bulls’ personality is most admired making them a common fixture in American households. While they can be temperamental, they make great house pets when you are a firm owner. You should also allow your pit bull to socialize and be trained while still a puppy.

How to Train Pitbull with Collar

Pit bulls are intelligent and full of energy thus, they can do almost anything. If you want you and your pit bull to be welcomed everywhere you go, your dog needs to be obedient and somehow connected to you.

Pit bulls have so much strength in their chest and neck, thus when not properly trained, they can easily pull their owners when being walked. The goal in walking a pit bull is to teach him to walk graciously on the side of his owner.

Seeing a pit bull hurl at any object or person that moves with his owner struggling to control him creates negative thoughts. What people see is a strong pit bull that is out of control and a potential danger. What people do not realize is that your pit bull is just excited to be outdoors.

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Training is needed to safely walk your dog with a collar and leash. The clicker training methods are the fastest and most effective way to train your pit bull to nicely walk with a collar.

These techniques use sound (mark) with a food reward to quickly train your pit bull to know he is doing what you like him to do. This however requires from you consistency and persistence.

The clicker method is all about positive reinforcement. A clicker or marker is used to communicate with your pit bull so exactly do what is needed for him to get a reward. A clicker is a mechanized noise maker in place of a verbal marker work such as “good” or “yes”.

Aside from the clicker method there are other training methods you can use to train your pit bull to politely walk on a leash which has a collar on. The key is to always use positive reinforcement. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Start Indoors

Inside your house and with nowhere else to go, you are the most exciting thing in the environment of your pit bull. Start putting your dog in a leash with collar. Reward him each time he does something right. The more practice you have rewarding him on the slack, the more you are reinforcing him to be in the right behavior.

Always Give a Reward

When you have decided to take your pit bull outdoors, you need to realize that he will move forward and explore the outside world with his sniffer. Pulling on the leash is a normal and you just need to at first ignore this behavior.

When slack is one again in the line, go on and walk your pit bull. Continue to praise and reward him with the slack in line.

Short Sessions

Long training sessions will tend to frustrate your pit bull. Start walking your pit bull in a harness until he has fully learned to walk correctly with a collar without pulling. Refrain from allowing your pit bull to pull even if he only seldom does it. Allowing him will reinforce the idea that it is okay to occasionally pull.

A 30 minute walk around the block for starters is fine. Stick to that time for each of your training sessions. If you are on a tight schedule while training your pit to walk on a leash with a collar will create a setback on his progress.

Consistency and patience in training your dog to walk on a leash with collar without pulling will reward you with a pit bull that will beautifully and calmly walk by your side. This will make the walking routine pleasurable for you and your pit bull.

Best Collar for Pitbull

Collars for your pit bull come in different sizes and shapes. Some are heavy-duty and thick for more security while some are stylish and delicate providing more aesthetics than function.

Choosing the best collar for your pit bull can be daunting. You may want to choose one that looks stylish and with good quality to last a long time. Choosing the best collar for Pitbull will be a pleasure not only for you but for your pit bull as well.

1. Pit Bull Leather Dog Collar

pitbull leather collar


This mahogany BlackJacks Leather Pit Bull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar is 1 inch in width and can fit a pit bull with a 16-19 inch neck. This dog collar is handcrafted and made of premium-grade leather for long-lasting strength and safety. It comes in a simple but elegant and timeless design.

This durable genuine leather collar provides extreme comfort for your pit bull. It comes with a nickel-plated buckle with D-rings and rivets on each stress point to ensure it stays secure on your dog. It is easy to attach a leash on the quality D-ring. The solid and thick rivets are great in holding together the leather.

A user says this dog collar is amazing! He has a 70 pound pit bull and the collar perfectly fitted his dog’s neck with a perfect extra length so he could attach to the pre-made knotches. It comes with a highly polished, thick and sturdy hardware – a reflection of true quality.

He says his dog always scratched his neck but his claws only leave indentations on the collar but the leather never got damaged. That is the quality of good leather; they get indentations but do not rip.

Great attention to detail comes with this BlackJacks Leather Pit Bull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar. The stitching is perfect and neat. This collar will not stretch over time as the leather is extremely sturdy and thick.

The BlackJacks Leather Pit Bull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar comes with a free personalization option. With the smallest font, the collar can fit up to 12 characters. It is also great to use during pet training.

2. Bully’s Pitbull Collar


Although the Bully’s Pitbull Collar is specially designed and made for pit bulls, it is also ideal for other large dogs. This dog collar is made from heavy duty nylon and comes with a durable and sturdy construction to last a long time.

This dog collar is lightweight and comfortable. It is made from tactical grade materials consisting of rust-free and tarnish-free hardware made of stainless steel.

This dog collar features a 2-pronged sturdy buckle and comes with hole reinforcement to ensure a secure fit while attached to the leash. Two-pronged buckles prevent fast wear and tear of the collar. The webbing is also extremely thick.

A user says he has bought a lot of collars for his Rottie. He says his dog is not an uncontrollable beats but simply just too strong for the collars of lesser quality. He highly recommends this Bully’s pit bull collar to dog owners who just like him are tired of making constant trips to the pet store to buy a new collar.

The Bully’s Pitbull Collar is extra wide and adjustable for the comfort of your dog. It is ideal to use with even the most unruly and biggest dogs. It is also washable. This dog collar that is strong enough for most pit bulls fits dogs with a neck size of from 23 to 27 Inches. It has a total length of 29 inches and comes with a dainty looking Bully’s tag.

3. Military Adjustable Dog Collar


The OneTigris Military Dog Collar is a combination of style and toughness. It is made from strong nylon material and comes in a military ranger green color. It also comes with 2-pronged buckles for a secure fit and 5 adjustment points making it ideal for dogs that are gaining muscles and still growing. It comes with cushion pads for your dog’s comfort.

This dog collar comes with pads for a cushioned and comfortable fit. Your dog will never experience any chaffing or any form of discomfort while on this collar. It comes with premium military-grade pistol belt durable webbing. On the D-ring is an attached ID tag. The collar can fit some personalized messages.

This military dog collar comes with a quick-release buckle and a tactical silent mode when used with a leash. It is easy to attach a leash to this collar to prevent your dog from chasing people, other animals and bikes in the neighborhood.

A user says these are durable and comfortable collars. It is wide so it looks good on her dog. More importantly, she says there are not a lot of distractions on the collar. Her dog is able to comfortably lay down flat with no bumps, handle or spikes interfering or obstructing her sleep.

The OneTigris Military Dog Collar It is ideal to use with pit bulls, rottweilers and bulldogs. It is a great collar to use when your dog is being trained for protection. It comes in both a unique and stylish design. This collar does not stretch so always remember to check that it is not tight for your dog.

The OneTigris Military Dog Collar, hands down is the best collar for pitbull. It is made of durable nylon material with 2-pronged buckles and 5-point adjustment point. Its durability and adjustment feature will allow it to be used as your dog grows.

Best Shock/e Collar for Pitbulls

Pit bulls are incredibly high energy and strong dogs. Whether you are training your dog to remain in the yard or have a pit bull that is forever barking, you should consider getting him on a shock/e-collar. A shock/e-collar is actually a remote collar used to train your dog.

Many people despise the idea of using shock collars because they feel it sort of punishes the dog. Truth is these collars do not intend to be a punishment but rather as a deterrent to unsafe or negative behavior. It just helps you to get your dog to pay attention to new commands.

When on a shock collar, your dog will get a bit of an uncomfortable jolt each time he shows a negative behavior. Your dog will then learn to associate bad behavior with a discomfort. The shock or jolt released by a shock collar is safe. It will just call his attention so he will learn and remember certain behaviors. Shock collars will not leave any permanent physical harm.

Shock/e-collars are only intended for dogs that have already been trained with basic commands like stay and sit. This will allow them to understand your new command and associate the “shock” with a negative behavior.

1. Petrainer Dog Shock Collar


The Petrainer Dog Shock Collar (PET998DRB) gives you extraordinary control over the behavior and obedience of your dog. You can fine tune the stimulation levels and modes that will be sent to your dog. It comes with a light mode that is intended only for more visibility and not as a training vehicle.

This dog shock collar has a 1000 feet remote range. It features the beep or tone vibration and shock training modes with intensity levels of between 0-100 for static and vibration stimulation. It also comes with a tone mode. With the 3 stimulation modes, there is certainly one that will work with your dog. It also comes with a tone mode.

This shock collar comes in a nylon strap for dogs with neck sizes of between 15 to 22 inches. It is adjustable, too. It is effective for correcting sitting, walking, barking and other disobediences exhibited by your dog.

A user says his German Shepherd has the hardest head. Although he knows his name, is house broke and can sit, he will never come to him when he calls him. With this shock collar, he at first had a new outlook when he called his name. After 15 minutes he no longer has to “shock” his dog to answer to his call. He uses the beep mode when he called his dog’s name and the vibrate mode move him along.

The Petrainer Dog Shock Collar (PET998DRB) is recommended for dogs that are at least 15 pounds. It comes with auto protect, memory and auto standby features to save on power. It is also weather proof and also comes with a 5-year full replacement warranty. More importantly it provides it combines affordability and functionality making it a shock collar of great value.

2. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar


The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is a 2-dog system. It comes with a 30 inch collar. It also comes with a ½ mile remote range. It is a stress-free, safe and humane training collar. It comes with a robust and high quality construction designed to withstand even the harshest dog training environment and conditions.

This e-collar features an ergonomic design that delivers a tapping sensation that is more intense than a vibration. You can choose from between 1- 100 stimulation levels depending on what level your dog will respond. Additionally, it comes with a boost stimulus in levels of between 1 -60. A Pavlovian tone increases the effectiveness and efficiency of training your dog.

A shock resistant and waterproof receiver and transmitter come with this e-collar. The transmitter comes with in a stopwatch design for an easy grip. The e-collar runs on Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries (quad charger included). A full charge allows it to run for 2 hours. It also comes with a tracker light.

A user says his 7 month old pit bull rescue dog had zero training. He would eat photos from the wall. The shock collar has been working perfectly in controlling his pit bull. He also uses this collar with his deaf dog as a way to call him to enter the house from the yard. He associates the vibration with a reward and always gets one when he enters the house.

The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is ideal for dogs that are at least 5 pounds. The small transmitter allows the discreet use of this training tool. It is an effective tool to discipline and control even the most stubborn dogs.

3. Rechargeable Training Collar with Remote


The SportDOG FieldTrainer Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer features the most advanced technology of the SportDog brand. It is specifically designed to train stubborn dogs. This compact dog remote trainer has a 500 yard range allowing it to be used in your yard, on a field and even during hunting trips.

The transmitter of this remote trainer allows you to shift instantly between 7 levels of medium to high static stimulation. You can also choose from between momentary or continuous stimulation or train with in tone, vibration and shock modes.

A user says they really have a stubborn dog. This dog remote trainer has made them correct their dog’s bad behavior from a distance. He says they always use the beeper first and them the shock.

Their dog has been responding to the beeper mode after a couple of adjustments. They say the range is great. They have used it in creeks and in rain and it continuous to work perfectly.

The receiver and transmitter of the SportDOG FieldTrainer Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer (425S) are waterproof (DryTek Waterproof design technology). They are submersible, too.

The Petrainer Dog Shock Collar (PET998DRB) stands out as the best shock/e collar for pitbulls. It has the range at 1000 feet. It includes 3 stimulation modes and intensity levels of between 0-100 for static and vibration stimulation. It also comes with a tone mode. Most users say their dogs have started to behave after only a few uses of this shock collar.

Best Training Collar for Pitbulls

If you own a pit bull, it is a must that you get him a training collar to prevent him from being wrongly judged. Some pit bull owners do not heed this advice thus increasing the number of pit bulls being put down or even killed after attacking a pedestrian.

The number of murdered pit bulls could be stopped if every pit bull owner gets the best training collar for his dog. The good news is most pit bull owners have been getting training collars for their dogs. Training collars can protect pit bulls from being murdered wrongly.

A training collar is a good tool in training your pit bull. Pit bulls are usually trained for obedience and in certain instances for sporting events. To fully maximize the use of a training collar, it is important to choose the right collar.

The best training collar for pitbulls should be comfortable and at the same time give you control of his movements. It would also be great to choose one that looks good on your pet. A durable and long lasting training collar would also be a great choice.

1. Rechargeable Dog Training Collar


The PetSafe is one of the better known dog collar manufacturers. In fact they are very well known for having many of the best training shock collars for dogs. This PetSafe Dog Training Collar comes with 8 adjustable static stimulation levels including 2 intensity level tones to effectively correct negative behaviors.

This rechargeable dog training collar allows you to simultaneously train 3 dogs with a single remote controller and up to a range of 400 yards making it ideal for yard and field training sessions. It is also waterproof making it ideal for all outdoor activities.

This dog collar is ideal in managing your dog’s bad behavior. The static signaling is effective and safe. The shock technology featured in this dog collar comes with low static signals that are fair for dogs but extremely effective.

A user says he has a German Shepherd and she responds to level 2 and up to level 4 of this collar. She uses this collar to teach her dog to come when called and to heel on and off the leash. She says she has seen a marked improvement in her dog after only a week of using this collar. She says she can now trust her dog not attack any person or another pet. It is perfect for basic disobedience.

The PetSafe Dog Training Collar has been designed with more than enough signal choices to grab the attention of your dog. Initially start with a lowest level on the remote and increasing slowly until your dog starts reacting to the signal.

2. Premium Dog Training Shock Collar, Fully Waterproof


The PetTech Dog Training Shock Collar (PT0Z1) comes with sound, vibration and shock stimulations. It can emit a sound as well as administer shock and vibration. This is useful because you almost do not need to administer shock if you want to correct an unwanted behavior. Often, vibration is more than enough.

This PetTech Dog Training Shock Collar (PT0Z1) is fully waterproof so you need not worry of the remote control breaking down even if used in harsh and extreme training conditions. It comes with a 1200 feet range making it ideal for yard and field training.

This shock dog collar can be simultaneously used with 2 dogs. You can just simply buy an additional collar for the other dog. This means one remote control can handle 2 dog shock dog collars.

A long lasting battery life is important to assess the effectives of a shock dog collar. The Rapid Charging Lithium Ion battery of this shock collar has a long battery life.

A user says she has an obedient and smart dog but having problems of the dog not coming to her every time she calls him to come in the house. With this training collar on the dog for 2 weeks she now just have to give the command and her dog pays attention to her. She has been using the sound and vibrate modes.

The high-end features of the PetTech Dog Training Shock Collar (PT0Z1) is well-loved by the younger set of dog owners. They love that it features a big LCD monitor and remote as well as the 4 stimulation modes which allows them to easily train their dogs have the correct behavior. The audio warning that warns dogs of an incoming zap is also a welcoming feature.

3. Rechargeable Dog Training Collars – 500 Yard Range


The SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers is one of the best dog training collars for hunting dogs. Its remote comes with a 500 yard range. You can train your dog using the tone or vibration modes as well as the 21 static stimulation levels either in nick or continuous.

This training dog collar is suitable for stubborn and highly active dogs. The collar fits dogs 8 pounds onwards with neck sizes of up to 22 inches.

The rechargeable remote and receive of this training dog collar is ran by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries with a quick 2 hour charging time for a battery life of 50-70 hours per charge. One remote can simultaneously train 3 dogs. You just need to buy additional collars. Remote and receiver are waterproof and can be submerged to up to 25 feet without any damage with the Dryer technology.

A user says this training dog collar works consistently every time. You do not need to guess if the stimulation was delivered to your dog. It is simple to operate.

The SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers is an ideal training tool for obedience, getting attention, correcting bad behavior, getting of the leash, safety and to make sure your commands are followed. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. Dogtra 1900S 3/4 Mile Range 1 Dog Training Collar System


The Dogtra 3/4 Mile Range (1900S) is a training system for 1 dog and comes with a range of ¾ mile. This is a versatile training e-collar designed for pets, tougher breed dogs, sports training, pro training as well as K-9 and police training where there is a requirement for high output.

This training dog collar features nick, constant and vibration only modes in 127 levels of static stimulation. It comes with an LCD screen that displays stimulation levels and a low battery indicator.

This dog training collar is comfortable for your dog as it is made from polyester and a small bit of nylon for a soft texture. The transmitter and receiver are waterproof making it great for dogs who love to swim.

A user says this training dog collar works like a charm. He said he bought this training tool to remind his German shepherd of the rules. He did not need too much of a zap because he quickly understood what was meant by the nick. He reminds other dog owners not to use this training collar with dogs who do not understand what rules are.

The Dogtra 3/4 Mile Range (1900S) fits dogs that are up to 35 pounds.

The PetTech Dog Training Shock Collar (PT0Z1) ranks as the best training collar for pitbulls. To begin with it has 1200 feet range. It can be used simultaneously with 2 dogs. It comes with sound, vibration and shock stimulation.

It comes with a Lithium Ion battery which has a long battery life. More importantly, it features 4 stimulation modes for easy training and an audio warning for an incoming zap.

Best Bark Collar for Pitbull

Dogs are by nature barkers. While everyone knows that, the barking can sometimes become a problem and an irritant. Pit bulls are one of the fierce barkers. If you have tried everything to break the excessive barking of your pit bull, the best bark collar for pitbull may be a good solution.

Bark collars may not completely stop your pit bull from barking. Some owners however say they find them effective in controlling and training their dogs to control their barking behavior. Bark collars can teach your pit bull to stop barking and even discourage him from barking when you command him to.

There are some ways you can do to control a barking dog especially when it is starting to annoy the neighbors. What happens though when you are not home to deal with your barking dog. This is the reason anti-bark collars have become so popular with dog owners and professional dog trainers alike.

Bark collars function to breaks the bad barking habits of your dog when you are not home to tell him to stop barking. Although some dog owners are not sold with the idea of bark collars, when used properly, they are effective and safe.

Bark collars educate and train dogs to stop barking. It is safe to use and costs less than hiring a professional trainer. Best of all, it quickly promotes good behavior and response.

1. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs


The PetSafe Citronella Gentle Spray Bark Collar is one of the most talked about and popular spray collars for dogs. One thing to keep in mind though is, it may or it may not work for your dog. It is not to say that this product is of inferior quality. It simply means that it is not compatible with your dog.

This anti-bark spray device comes with a small investment that allows you to take the risk of whether your dog will react to it or not. When this anti-bark spray works on your dog, it really works very well!

This anti-bark collar fits neck sizes of up to 25 inches. It can be used on dogs that are over 8 pounds. It runs on 6-volt alkaline battery reusable batteries. One can of the citronella spray counts about 300-400 sprays. Refills hold 25-30 sprays. Many professional dog trainers say that this collar is a good alternative to e-collars or shock collars.

A user says his Labrador just loves to bark at anything. He barks just for the sake of barking despite pampering him with lots of attention and love. His first bark with this collar on was just a very soft “erp.” That was it and he never barked again.

The PetSafe Citronella Gentle Spray Bark Collar works on training your dog to stop barking as he sniffs the citronella spray. The collar comes with a microphone that picks up your dog’s barking and in turn triggers the release of the citronella spray. The sprays distract the attention of your dog and redirect his attention from the cause of his barking.

2. TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar


The TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar features the new Qualcomm microprocessor controlled barked detection technology. This collar includes 5 adjustable sensitivities. It also comes in beep, vibration and gentle training modes while featuring a safe shock or no shock mode option.

This bark collar works extremely well in stopping the barking of your dog without causing him any harm. It features a barking detection system that does not give off false triggers. It is only the unique barking style of your dog that will trigger the collar to work.

This bark collar also includes a safety and security feature in the form of a built-in no bark receiver. This no-bark receiver automatically deactivates the collar when it is activated for 7 times within a minute. It will again function normally after another minute.

A user says the collar worked extremely well the first time he had his dog used it. He barked a couple of times then the collar beeped and buzzed. He no longer barked after that first instance.

This TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar comes in a waterproof design (IPX7). It has a solid construction and a lightweight design. It is safe to use in any weather conditions both indoor and outdoor.

3. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar


This PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is ideal for dogs over 8 pounds. This techy bark control collar comes with a 6-level static correction you can customize to control the barking of your dog.

This bark collar has an auto level adjustment. This means the collar will find the right stimulation level for your dog. If your dog does not stop barking at a certain stimulation level, the collar will automatically go to the next higher level until your dog stops barking. This eliminates the trial and error method of finding the right stimulation level to get a reaction from your dog. It comes with 6 levels of stimulation.

This dog collar also comes with an auto shut off feature. The shock only has 50-second duration before it automatically shuts off.

A user says this collar has completely transformed their dog. Their cavachan was always anxious and almost always was continuously barking. Their dog was scared after the first shock. But after a short while their dog just miraculously mellowed and learned that he need not bark without any urgent reason.

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is waterproof so your dog can go for a swim with it. It is also lightweight. Additionally, it comes with a battery indicator to know when to replace batteries.

4. NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar


The SportDOG No Bark Control Collar is equipped with the Silent Partner technology (patented) sensory system that easily detects a dog’s bark. This technology detects the unique barking style of your dog to avoid any false detection. In short it filters out the rest of the sound it detects.

This no bark collar can operate in 3 modes: Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User-Selected. It features 10 static stimulation levels so you can choose the bark control that works best for the temperament of your dog. As a safety measure, the device will automatically deactivate if your dog barks over 15 times within 50-second duration.

A user says her one year old German shepherd always barks even without any reason whether he is on a leash or in the year. The first time she used the no bark collar on him he stopped barking to think that it was only on the lowest setting. Her dog still does a lot of jumping and running along the fence but no more barking.

The SportDOG No Bark Control Collar runs continuously for 200 hours with a full charge. A bark and vibration is first detected before the release of shock stimulation.

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is the best bark collar for pit bull in this batch of collars. It features 6 levels of static collection which can be customized to control a dog’s barking. The nicest part about this collar is it has an auto level adjustment so you will never have to go through the tedious task of guessing which will work for your dog. It is extremely effective in controlling and stopping your dog’s barking habits.

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