Can Dogs Eat Rambutan

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Can Dogs Eat Rambutan

Your dog just ate a rambutan seed and you are wondering if he will be okay. A rambutan looks very similar to a sea urchin but mind you it is a juicy and sweet fruit making many dogs curious about the fruit. He question though is can dogs eat rambutan?

Rambutan has become a popular tropical fruit in the US. It is one the trendiest summer fruit in the US. This fruits contains a lot of Vitamin C and is also a great source for iron, phosphorous and copper.

Rambutan is cholesterol and fat-free. Every 100 gram serving of rammbutan contains only 58 calories. Every serving also contains 1 gram protein and 3 grams fiber.

The rambutan fruit consists of a white edible flesh with flavors similar to that of a lychee. It comes with a pit inside the flesh and a red hard shell with red hair-like tentacles.

When eating rambutan, eat only the white flesh of the rambuta fruit.
You need to remove and throw away the seed.

If you have a dog, you can surely let him eat rambutan in moderation
and with caution. The rambutan fruit and its seeds are not so to speak toxic to

The flesh of the rambutan seed is definitely safe for your dog. Be
careful not to give him too much at any one time. Eating rambutan will allow
your dog to gain the healthy benefits the rambutan fruit provides.

He rambutan seed is a different story. If your dog swallows an entire
seed, it may just pass through his digestive system. This is true with big
dogs. There is however also a huge possibility that the rambutan seed may cause
an obstruction in the intestinal tract of your dog.

Intestinal tract obtrusion in dogs is an extremely serious condition
that would definitely require surgery.  What you can do is observe your dog. The seed
may just naturally pass through his system.

Should you notice any odd symptoms that may indicate your dog is
having intestinal tract obstruction, take him to your vet at once. Such
symptoms would include lethargy, vomiting, and any signs of abdominal pain.

Should your dog swallow half of the seed, this means that the juices
of the seed have entered the system of your dog. This is when the rembutan seed
becomes toxic to dogs. When this happens you will need to make your dog sick so
he can vomit the toxic juices of the rambutan seed.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
is silent on the issue of whether rambutan is toxic or non-toxic to dogs. Many
dog owners have given the flesh of the rambutan fruit to their dogs without any

If you love rambutan and have a pet dog, keep the rambutan away from
reach of your dog. This red hairy fruit can be extremely attractive to your
door and he may be curious and ea the entire fruit.

The best way for dogs to eat rambutan is for you to open the fruit, discard of the shell and the seed and just feed your dog the white flesh of the fruit.Can dogs eat rambutan? Yes they can but only the flesh of the fruit and in moderation.

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