Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust?

Many dog owners tend to feed their pets table scraps. This is usually followed by the owners admonishing themselves for doing it. They are concerned that they are teaching their dog bad habits. Many people worry that letting dogs eat table food or sleep in the bed beside you is the ultimate sin. Well, it’s not. Pets can enjoy some human foods as well. But some is the key word here.

Sometimes, people will assume that because a type of food is healthy for humans it is then healthy for dogs. This is not the case as even some fruits and vegetables can be dangerous for dogs. Feeding table scraps to your dog is something you should consider fully before you do it. But can dogs eat pizza crust?

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are the main factor when giving food to dogs. There are loads of foods that dogs simply should not and cannot eat. These include onions, grapes, raisins, dough, chocolate among many other things. Some are quite obvious such as alcohol, but others are deceiving. Certain types of yeasts can adversely affect your dog’s stomach. Grapes and raisins can damage your dog’s liver due to their toxins. If you’re not sure about certain foods, check them out first on Google to be extra safe.

However, there are also loads of human foods that your dog can enjoy. A Paleo diet is what your dog thrives on. This includes eggs, meat and some grains. But can dogs eat pizza crust? Technically, yes. As pizza crust is just cooked dough, so your dog won’t get sick from eating a small amount of it. There are, however, plenty of dog-safe human foods you can happily share with your pooch. But snacks or treats should only be a small part of your dog’s overall diet. A small dog would not be able to handle a full crust. Obese dogs as well should avoid high-calorie foods like crusts. But what are the nutritional values of pizza crusts?

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Pizza Crust Nutrition

So, can dogs eat pizza crust? The crust of the pizza is not harmful to dogs. However, it also has no benefit either. The crust is mainly made up of sodium and carbs. This means that it has a very low nutritional value. Obesity is a big concern that dog owners should be conscious of. Particularly owners of larger breeds. Don’t give into the begging tendencies of your dog by just feeding them whatever you’re eating. Puppy dog eyes can be very tempting. But we have to resist them for the sake of our dog’s health.

Some dogs have a habit of overeating and can often become obese. This is why you should avoid giving your dog pizza crusts. Often, they will simply eat them even if they aren’t hungry. This means that your dog will gain weight. Your pooch also gained no nutritional benefits from all those wasted calories.

A healthy dog is one that isn’t fed foods like pizza crusts. A nutritional treat is far superior. These treats will ensure your dog will be healthy for a long time. Dogs have pretty unique nutritional requirements. Yes, your dogs can eat pizza crusts and just about anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a better option.

Begging Concerns

But is begging a bad sign? Will giving my dog treats teach him bad behavior? Yes, if your dog is jumping up and down near the table or reaching for food this is a bad sign. Giving your dog a treat in this situation is rewarding poor behavior. This will cause your dog to continue. But what if your dog is patiently lying down while you eat? Then giving him treats can be very beneficial. Rewarding your dog with treats while they are calm means they will continue to be well-behaved. Place boundaries around giving treats. That way your dog knows what’s good behavior and what isn’t.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust? – Conclusion

Always try your best to avoid giving in to your dog’s begging. That means don’t just feed them pizza crusts because they start whimpering. Instead, always go for some nutritious options that will keep your dog healthier for longer.

Plenty of human foods are available that your dog can eat. If you’re not sure, you can always contact your local vet. Remember, just because dogs can eat pizza crusts, doesn’t mean they should!

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