The 3 Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog Reviews

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Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog

Have you run out of options on how to keep your smart Australian cattle dog busy? Having the best toys for Australian Cattle Dog could just be your solution. Dog breeds such as Australian cattle dogs are smart, playful, and always hyper and can always really need something to chew on.

Many owners opt to take them out for a walk or let them play in the park just to drain their energy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. However, with the right set of tools such as toys, owners can provide mental stimulation to their pets and keep them from getting bored.

Short Reviews on The Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dog

#1 – Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring

Goughnuts - Original Dog Chew Ring


One good way to always keep your lovable pet always pre-occupied is through the Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring. This chew toy that is made especially for dogs was first introduced in 2006. Since then, constant improvements have been made to the product to provide the best toy for dogs.

It is designed with high quality and durable materials which is almost indestructible to pets. It is designed with no weak points which ensure that this toy can keep your dogs busy for a long time. As parts of the toy are chewed on, it shows a red area which indicates the chewed or damaged parts.

#2 – KONG Extreme Dog Toy


Another great choice for a toy for man’s best friend is the KONG Extreme Dog Toy. This toy is not named KONG for anything and is among the toughest chew toys you’ll see in the market today. It is designed to satisfy the dog’s urge always to chew and nibble on something without getting destroyed easily. While it is durable, it is designed with a softness which does not hurt the dog’s teeth.

It also does not sink in water and lasts a long time. Unlike regular plastic toys, this product does not have any foul smell which pets usually do not like. It is also safe to use with other breeds of dogs and other pets.

#3 – KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy


Another excellent dog toy from KONG is the KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy available in small size. Although this toy is much smaller compared to its competitors, it still sure is a KONG. It means it is still one of the toughest and long-lasting toys available in the market.

It guarantees an enjoyable chewing experience for your dogs and is designed with an elastic bite-barrier. Although it is made completely durable, it still provides the bounciness and elasticity which dogs love to sink their teeth in. Also, this toy is available in two sizes which make it usable for small and medium-sized dog breeds.

#4 – goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology

goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology


If you like a dog toy that resembles animals or creatures, then you can go with the goDog Dragons dog toy. It features a Chew Guard Technology that lets your dog enjoy every bit of bite on the toy without hurting their teeth. Using this technology, the toy is also ensured of lasting for a long time even with the toughest teeth of dogs.

It is even made fluffier and with substance since it is made of durable stuffing. While this product is still prone to damage just like all toys for dogs, it ensures that it lasts for years. Also, it provides optimum durability and toughness but still providing the softness which dogs love to sink their teeth in.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Toys for Australian Cattle Dogs

It is always best to have a suitable toy to entice and engage your pets with. Although your best options are pretty much already outlined in the list, your other needs may still not be satisfied. Here are a few more considerations to bear in mind when buying dog toys to make sure it suits your needs.


Now when we say durability, we are not referring to a toy that lasts a lifetime. Any toy will be destroyed despite how durable and heavy-duty they seem to be. What you just need to bear in mind about durability is the construction material. Can it last for a few months of constant chewing? Or is it too soft or fragile to break easily?


Labels don’t usually say it all

You should not always believe what the labels say when buying a dog toy. It may say that it is designed for heavy chewers or can last for years. The problem with this is that not all dogs are the same. It may have been tested on smaller breeds of dogs and may not be recommended for others.


Dogs have more sensitivity to smell. Make sure that your dog toy does not have a strong scent which can hurt the nose of your pets. Plastic or rubber toys usually have this problem thus make sure to avoid it.

Reinforced stitching

Since the toy will be pretty much thrown around and chewed a lot, you don’t want it to be ripped to shreds easily. Make sure that it has a double or reinforced stitching to put the toy in place for a long time playing.


Having just one choice of the best toys for Australian cattle dog can bore your pet at some time. You need to have a variety of your dog toys. If possible, purchase toys with different sizes, colors or even forms to have the dog something different to look forward to.

Can float

Your ideal dog toy should also float for times when the dog is in the water. It is especially true if you are playing with your dog in the pool or bodies of water. If not, you can use a floating toy whenever washing your dog in the tub. Having a toy in the tub can keep them busy while you focus on washing them.


goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toys, Chew Durable Dog Toys
Chew Durable Dog Toys

So which of the best toys for Australian Cattle Dog suits your needs? While all of the choices mentioned above are a rated in all aspects, we recommend the goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology. This is for the reason that it comes with a feature that is not present with others – that is variation.

When we say variation, we mean the color, form and physical design of the toy. The variations can entice the dogs and won’t bore them because they always have different to see and feel. Also, if you’re on a tight budget for a dog toy, then this could be a great option.

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