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Summary: Its full name is the Akita Inu. In Japanese, this means the prefecture dog. The Akita is an incredible breed that’s perfect as a family dog. This dog can do so many things. It can be a protector, a hunting companion and will remain calm when you need peace and quiet. Walking Akitas can be quite challenging at first. Especially if not properly trained. This is why you need a solid and sturdy leash. You will also need a good collar.

Let’s look at four of the top brands so that you can find the best collar for Akita. We’ll review them and help you make the finest choice for your furry friend.

Reviews of the Best collar for Akita

#1. Cetacea Soft Martingale Collar with Quick Release

Cetacea Soft Martingale Collar with Quick Release, Large, Red


The Cetacea collar is great for those with unruly Akitas who need to be trained properly. The sturdy collar means you can hold your Akita steady. The design makes sure that your Akita won’t be choked. Always remember that when training your Akita, you have to be in control at all times.

The equine collar is what this product is modelled after. This greatly reduces the choking risk common with many of the old-fashioned collar designs. It is very easy to take off as well once your walk is over. It has a handy quick release buckle. By simply depressing the prongs on either side, the collar will come loose easily.

The D-ring mechanism on the leash makes it very simple to use. It also comes in over twelve different colours. However, the colour tends to fade over time.

#2. PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD, MEDIUM 25-60 LBS., APPLE GREEN


The PetSafe Gentle Leader is a fantastic option for larger dogs. With a halter collar, it helps you to control your Akita’s head. The halter gives you great control. The placement of the collar is very good as well.

The collar has two separate attachments. The first is attached behind the neck. Then the second is wrapped around the nose of your Akita. The pressure is distributed meaning that it won’t harm your dog. It also helps to stop your Akita from wandering off.

There is also a DVD as part of this offer on Amazon. It’s a training DVD that teaches you how to control your pet. There are over nine colours available with loads of styling options. The collar is very comfortable and so your Akita will get used to it very quickly.

#3. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar, Black/Blue, Medium


Some owners have Akitas who are very well behaved. For them, simple collars are often the best option. Just make sure the collar is loose enough for your Akita to still feel comfortable. Traditional collars are always on and so you have to extra careful to ensure your Akita isn’t in discomfort.

The material is also very well-made. An Amish craft, it is incredibly strong and durable. This makes it great for bigger breeds such as Akitas. The large D-Ring makes it very easy to locate. This is especially important on very furry breeds like Akitas.

This waterproof collar is very well made. It’s great for Akitas who love to swim. The extra padding means it comfortable and will keep your dog relaxed. It also has lots of colours to choose from, many of which are very unique.

#4. Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar

Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar, 3/4 x 15-Inch, Brown


This is possibly the best-looking collar of the bunch. The design is very aesthetically pleasing. A tooled cover makes it very attractive. The mechanism for the collar is also quite intricate. It’s a great fit for beautiful dogs like Akitas.

A pure leather collar, it has been handcrafted to perfection and the design is very sleek and smooth. It looks unlike any other collar due to its scalloped design. The wide design allows it to fit very nicely on dogs like Akitas. Be warned that the collar is not great if your Akita is still young and small.

It is truly an amazing looking collar. The rivets also mean that it is highly durable. With a wavy design, your Akita will feel very comfortable wearing it. While it does weather over time, it actually looks even nice with this look.

What to Look for When It Comes To a collar for Akita

There are a few things to look for when you are shopping for the Best collar for Akita.

1. Material

There are lots of available materials for your Akita’s collar. Akitas are quite big dogs. This is why you need a strong collar that will control them if they try to lunge. Nylon collars are a great option. The material is very strong and so it won’t break. It’s always very comfortable to wear. Their elastic nature means that they have some give so dogs feel more relaxed. Another option is metallic. This material is used for chains. Be warned that they can rust over time. However, in terms of durability and strength, chained collars tend to be much better.

2. Controlling mechanism

There are lots of different mechanisms out there to control your dog. A common method is choking. As the collar is placed around the neck, the Akita learns not to pull on it. He thus learns to not choke himself. Although common, this method is seen as barbaric by many dog owners. An alternative is the e collar which is electric. Instead of choking, a pulse is sent around your dog’s neck.

This method teaches dogs to do nothing unruly. While the pulse is not painful it is uncomfortable and so your Akita learns to behave. This is great for dogs that have a tendency to jump on strangers.


3. Durability

Because Akitas are quite a large dog, this means that they’re also quite strong. A durable collar is necessary to control your Akita. Metal or Nylon are great materials as they last a very long time.


Akitas can be quite stunning animals. But their adventurous nature can be difficult to manage at times. This is why a good collar is a necessity to maintain control over your Akita.

All the products that we’ve reviewed as part of this article can be used for unruly Akitas. Just pick one that you think suits and you and your Akita will have loads of fun together.

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